Curve balls in Football

Nick took a break from Flag Football for a few years and focused on baseball.  Although he had some great times playing little league and All Stars and even travel ball, I think he always loved Flag more.  There is something about the quickness of the game, the closeness of the spectators, the rush of a touchdown catch that makes it so exciting.  Last fall, after deciding to move away from baseball, he played again.  The team meshed well and the Coaches were awesome.  The assistant coach from that team (which did win the fall championship trophy!), saw Nick at tryouts this year and made a note of his tryout number and said he wanted to draft him.  Sure enough, when the team email came out, Nick was on the familiar coach’s team.

The season has kicked off to a great start with the team running undefeated so far.  The assistant coach happens to be a familiar one to us as he was one of Jake’s coaches previously in baseball All Stars and we have lots of warm memories of him and his family and those times. So, needless to say, this season was proving to be a great one.  Last week we received an email from the football league letting us know that our Coach was in the hospital for some very serious medical issues (ICU to be exact) and he would miss the game on Friday night.  The boys came together under the Assistant Coach’s leadership and pulled out a pretty wide victory.  Another mom and I were taking photos and videos to capture the game for Coach Damon.

You can tell he loves to coach and he loves sports.  He is a super energetic guy with a passion for teaching.  He also loves to celebrate successes on the field with the kids.  No one would have imagined him to have the health issues he is dealing with right now.  I know he would much prefer to be out there coaching but he needs to get better first.  He could use some prayers right now.  We have been pretty fortunate to come across great coaches through the years with 3 boys who have been on a lot of teams and I would rank this one certainly towards the top.  We hope he gets better soon and back to all the things he loves in life.  You just never know when a curve ball might get thrown at you, even in the game of football.