Blogging again? Maybe…

I have missed this blog. I still write blog posts in my head that never see the keyboard or world wide web. I don’t do photography sessions any more, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love taking photos. My iPhone has become my main camera these days but when I do get my big camera in my hands, it feels great! This is a little dabble back to my blog and we’ll see if I can find the time to put my thoughts here again and maybe some photos. My kiddos are really growing up and when I go back through these posts and see their little faces I realize that time really does march on. It is a good thing but I think that in life the days are long but the years are short. Back when I had littler ones, I thought that would be the craziest time of my life. But now that they are older, busier, more expensive, I see that every phase is a new adventure. I miss their little faces sometimes and the simpler days, but I love where they all are now just as much.

So, I think I’ll try to continue to document our lives on these pages again, not as an advertisement for my photography but as a scrapbook of my life.  I started this blog over 6 years ago and boy has my life changed since then.  Love the memories!

Today is a big day for the littlest Coughlin guy with his first double header on his travel baseball team. Can’t wait to see him play. Gotta run out to the field now!