Monthly Archives: October 2010

Hold onto your seats…FAMILY PHOTOS

In my last post I mentioned that I had been really busy and I missed blogging and missed seeing my own family on this blog.  So, I’m still busy and short on words and today is Halloween and all so I have a few things to do, BUT, I did get around to editing a […]

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Big Girl, Taylor Grace

Oh, I miss this little girl something fierce!  She was such a part of our family when Brett and I watched her for all those months.  Now she’s such a big girl!  Walking, well running, all over the place and with such an adorable smile.  And those curls, oh those curls!  Soooooooo cute.  I was […]

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“All done”

These two little guys have been in front of my camera four times with our shoot today.  I originally met them when they were a couple weeks old.  Now they are 2 1/2 and all over the place!  They have incredible energy and run every where they go.  It was challenging to get them to […]

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